Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Alpha Protocol

While it is a real drag that the release date for Alpha Protocol has been pushed back, we were given the okay to re-publish screenshots that are already up on other sites. These are care of Illuminate Labs. They make Beast, a lighting plugin we used in Unreal to bake radiosity into our levels.

While there are a few more on their site, the images I've included below represent levels that I developed and lit.

Here's the original posting on Illuminate Labs website:

Some of these will be printed as ads in next months Edge magazine!
Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Live and Online!!!

welcome to my home on the internet. after years of building websites that were a gigantic pain to update, only to get tired of them months later, i've made the transition to a blog. i am going to be posting my work as i have time and energy, but the truth of it is that crunch... is... brutal. nothing much to post now- all of my latest work is in lock-down until we ship.

in the mean-time, here's some renders of the forearm of a robot model I'm working on.